My first dive into blogging

Posted on January 8th, 2016

So I've finally taken the plunge and entered the world of blogging. About ten years too late some would say. In this post I will be documenting and sharing my experiences as I look a bit further into the progression from web designer to UI/UX designer.

To evolve as a web designer, one would look to courses involving Javascript, jQuery, possibly Ruby on Rails which would progressively improve their coding skills as a whole. To switch towards UI/UX Design involves a complete rethinking of the way you might look at a project and how you wish to build it. UX or user experience design is the process of ensuring the end user gets exactly what they want from a website, in the quickest possible way.

That is my original thinking of what UX design is. I begin my journey by purchasing the acclaimed "Don't Make Me Think" book expertly written by Steve Krug. I will give a review of this book in my next blog post, and also give you a little more background to my career to date!

I hope to see you all then


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