New Design & CMS Development of Honda National site

During my time at Carzone, I worked on the design and development of the Honda website. The primary aim was to make it clean, responsive and modern. We built the site using Bootstrap and also built an extensive CMS and car configurator for the client to handle going forward.

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BMW Retailers Ireland

Redesign of existing website using new Bootstrap framework

In what was quite a large project, I initially designed, then built a complete bootstrap 3 based website template which all BMW retailers will use. Using javascript and jquery I created some nice features throughout the site including the show/hide menu button and various carousels. I also worked hard to ensure the page speed and usability scores improved from the previous website, which they did.

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DMG Photography

Photography site using HTML5 and the Bootstrap framework.

This is a website I am currently building for my father, Donnie McGale. As a photographer, he wants the site to convey his wide range of skills so this is what I will try to achieve. The site will be built on the Bootstrap framework.

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MINI Service

Redesign of existing website using new Bootstrap framework

This was a redesign of an existing MINI service from 2012. I designed the look of the site based on their similar UK site and built it using bootstrap. The site is mainly used for campaigns and special offers MINI may have, so we needed to build an easy-to-use cms for their staff to be able to edit and add new pages.

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Carzone New Cars

Redesign of the existing new cars layout on the Carzone website

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